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The secret of the growing beauty and wellness industry lies in the fact that deep down inside, everyone has a secret desire to look beautiful and be loved. Beyond any shadow of doubt it can be said that beauty instills a sense of confidence in you. Well, who doesn't want to hold everyone’s gaze by an eye-catching and a dazzling look?

Indore has seen an upsurge in the beauty segment shadowing a trend set by its metro counterparts. The glamorous salons in Indore are charging premium to pamper their target segments by rejuvenating their appearances and are also tapping the semi-targeted market for male grooming in form of unisex salons at various places.

Gone are the days when Spa and body massages were considered a taboo for Indian women. In today’s changing socio-cultural dynamics, crowd is really self-conscious and need some time to soothe and relax their body, mind and soul. The spa centers in Indore provide you with an escape to drift away from the anxieties of life and spend some beautiful moments with yourself.

We, as your smarter city guide, have gathered an exhaustive list of the top salons and body spa centers in Indore, highlighted their forte on basis of varied customer reviews and site ratings and reduced your time and efforts to bare bones by detailing every miniscule aspect of these beauty spots at various locations.

After all, it’s all about being beautiful.

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